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Free spins, they are also bonuses, are the most attractive A Selection of Top Slots feature of slot machines for all slot lovers. Many users make spins in the machines until they activate this mechanic, and after the end of the series of free spins they change the game. With this in mind, a number of providers have introduced the ability to purchase bonuses in their releases. How this feature works, as well as Ozwin Casino which slots with its support are the most popular, will be discussed below

What is the point of buying free spins

A series of free spins is a bonus mechanic in slot machines, in most cases activated after three scatters or other special symbols appear on the field. To collect these images on the reels, users often have to make dozens, and sometimes hundreds of spins. Since the results of each subsequent spin are not related to the previous ones, and the probability of getting three scatters is small, it is not uncommon for players to spend their entire bankroll without activating the free spins.

An alternative to long spins in modern slots is the A Selection of Top Slots possibility of buying a bonus. It allows you to instantly start free spins by paying a certain number of bets. The user clicks on the corresponding button, sets the cost of the spin, spends the specified amount and immediately proceeds to free spins.

It is important to note that the purchase of free spins does not provide any additional benefits to the user, except for their instant activation. The payoff of the free spins series will be the same as if they were triggered by three scatters in the normal game mode.

The possibility of buying free spins has attracted casino users so much that many have completely switched to this format. Providers reacted accordingly and began to massively implement this feature in their developments. For example, Pragmatic Play has added Ozwin Casino the ability to purchase bonuses to most new and already released slots.

Next, we will consider the most popular slot machines from this and other developers that have the function of instant activation of free spins.

7 Popular Slots With The Purchase of Free Spins - A Selection of Top Slots

Money Train 2 – A Selection of Top Slots

A real hit from the provider Relax Gaming, released in 2020 and received the title of slot of the year. It attracts players not only with its bright design and pleasant soundtrack, but also with the opportunity to receive a payout of up to x50,000 bets.

All the fun happens in the bonus round. It is activate when three scatters land on the field. It can also be launch instantly by paying an amount equal to 100 bets.

After the free spins are launched, the game switches to a new screen with five reels and four rows. The initial field consists of empty cells, and the user has 3 free spins at his disposal. If as a result of a spin any symbol appears on the reels, the counter is reset to zero and the number of attempts returns to the starting value.

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Payouts in the bonus are formed not due to combinations of identical images, but with the help of multipliers. There are also special symbols that trigger various mechanics:

  • Regular and gold multipliers. The former add up to x10 to the total winnings, the latter add up to x200.
  • Adds its own value to all multipliers already on the field.
  • It forms its coefficient due to the sum of the values ​​of all multipliers on the reels.
  • Doubles the value of 3-8 random characters on the field. The same image can be multiplies several times in a row.
  • Repeats the action of 1-6 symbols that fell out earlier. It can be either a regular multiplier or a payer/collector.
  • Extra spin. Adds another rotation to the initial counter.
  • Regular payers, snipers and pickers. They act similarly to the usual ones, but they are launch after each spin.

If one of the drums is completely fill, a new coil is open. This mechanic is activate no more than two times. That is, the initial field 5×4 can be increase to 7×4.

The bonus feature ends if no symbol appears on the field after three or more spins in a row.

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