Best Cheap Online Slot Games to Play

What is the cheapest type of Online Slot Games? Well, that would be a penny game. A reel-spinner that lets you bet the lowest denomination currency. Back in the day, nickel slots were the cheapest machines. However, in the late 1960s, electro-mechanical penny devices came on to the scene, and they cornered the market on casuals who craved a taste of gambling magic.

Some believe that Bally’s Money Honey was the first game to allow a single-cent bet. It even let players wager up to five coins simultaneously. Thus, multi-line penny machines also became a thing, and when digital platforms arrived, the whole cent sub-genre grew in popularity. Below we explore some terrific cheap online slots and where you can get accurate information regarding them.

How to Identify a Cheap Slot or Penny Slot

The first thing you have to understand is that the name, penny slot, is a misnomer. It leads you to believe that you can place a one-cent bet per spin. While this may be the case with select titles, it’s often not so.

If you opt to use pennies, these reel-spinners will often make you place multi-line bets. Furthermore, simply because a slot advertises itself as a penny title, it doesn’t mean that it will allow you to make one-cent wagers. Usually, the minimum bet size will be a couple of cents or more.

If you are on a budget and have your mind made up on playing these slots, your best course of action is to review online slot casinos. Quality iGaming info hubs not only provide in-depth analysis of gaming sites and reel-spinners, but they’ll let you sort the games they feature by their specs. You can filter or stack the games by their bet sizes and other specifications.

Casinos only let you sort their library of titles by their provider or popularity, while info hubs allow you to stack them by all kinds of criteria. You can easily find out which slots accept penny bets and which ones feature a high return-to-player, as well as medium to low volatility.

How to Play Cheap Slots

Proper bankroll management is a must. Do not let the penny marketing fool you. When you make multiple penny wagers on many lines, it can all add up quickly. According to your means, budget, stick to your limits, do not let small wins keep you playing longer, and know when to stop.

Always learn the rules of your chosen game before spinning. Some titles have bonus rounds with guidelines that are not easily digestible. Crack open their info panel and carefully read everything there. Also, be sure to check the return-to-player (RTP) and the volatility of your chosen 777-Casino game. These tell you how often and how much the slot will pay back over time. Note that some penny games have notoriously low RTPs.

Besides these common-sense tips, you should mainly stick to low volatility slots and bet the minimum bet size possible while playing multiple paylines. Your goal should be to stay ahead, leave with more than when you sat to play.

#1 Cheapest Online Slot

You’d be hard-press to find a better cheap reel-spinner than Betsoft’s Good Girl Bad Girl. Released in 2014, this is one title that maintains its popularity due to its unique complexities, Money Wheel bonus game, unusually high RTP of 97.79%, and two jackpot prizes.

It is a medium volatility game, where you can make $0.02 bets, or if you feel more daring, go as high as $150 per line. The latter is not necessarily advisable, but it’s an option.

Good Girl Bad Girl is a very diverse slot, and it offers two progressive jackpot prizes. However, play it because of its stunning visuals and innovative gameplay mechanics. It features fifteen paylines, and at $0.02 per line, it is an affordable gaming adventure.

Best Cheap Online Slot Games to Play

10 Best Low Limit Slots

Quality presentation and playability aside, let us look at some other titles that fit the previously described criteria, medium to low volatility, and small bet sizes. You can play for as little as possible but should provide frequent wins that will keep you one step ahead of the operator.

After Night Falls

With an RTP of 97.27% and a minimum bet of $0.02, this Inspector Clouseau-inspired romp is an excellent choice for any low-roller intrigued by the crime genre. The story revolves around a detective hell-bent catching a thief who only strikes at night, hence the title. You can win massive rewards in the process.

A Night in Paris

Take a journey deep into the fabled City of Light, inside the Museum of Paris, where security guard Jerome LaBaste and his canine friend Pierre protect priceless art forms from larceny. Though almost a decade old, with wagers starting at $0.02, with thirty available paylines, this is one of the most charming slots ever. It comes in two versions, one with a jackpot and another without.

Black Gold

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive brought back the western theme into the limelight in 2009, and every competitor jumped on the trend. In 2012, Black Gold came out, taking a different approach, focusing on cartoony character-design, and a gold-rush theme. For only $0.02 per spin, you can join Ole Bill on a quest for fortune, both his and yours, on this thirty payline game.


The Ridley Scott film won five Oscars, and it inspired multiple slots. A couple of developers have even licensed its characters, while others try to play off like they do, using similar imagery. Betsoft’s Gladiator falls into the second category. However, it has a tremendous bonus fighting mini-game and is playable for just $0.02 per spin.

The Glam Life

If you ever wanted a sample of luxurious living, you can spin the reels of the Glam Life. It is a five-reel, three-row game with thirty paylines that can introduce you to wealth and extravagance with a standard jackpot win of $37,500. Though you won’t be eligible for it if you bet only $0.02, you can still have a lot of fun.

2 Million B.C – Online Slot Games

Take a journey of epic proportion on reels that date millions of years back. Well, maybe not. However, if you are a fan of the Ice Age movie franchise and have a soft spot for cartoony cave people, then this is a title you shouldn’t miss. It does feature a super-low RTP of 91.94%, but don’t let that sway you, as the volatility here is medium to low, and you can get decent payouts for your $0.02 wager.


If you are looking for reels that tell an intricate story, you won’t find any that are home to a more elaborate plot than those in the Heist. Neil Quailand has been cracking safes for years, but detective Albert Kowalski has been on his trail for the past seven, always one step behind. Now, as Quailand attempts to land his biggest score ever, Kowalski will do everything in his power to stop him. Heist features a jaw-dropping safe-cracking mini-game, which you can enter via a lucky two-cent spin.

Mr.Vegas – Online Slot Games

A legendary title, encompassing early-2010 gameplay. Mr.Vegas is a hallmark of Betsoft’s Slots3 genre, complete with visually-stunning 3D graphics and a dynamic soundtrack. It provides an immersive gaming experience, and if you are serious about online gambling, you should spin its reels at least a few times. It features a mini-slot within a slot. How cool is that?

Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Online Slot Games

Classic 19th-century literature has never looked so good on reels as it does in this 2014 release, which dazes with its Victorian-era horror atmosphere. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a classic five-reel, three-row game, with bet sizes ranging from $0.02 to $150. It has an average RTP of 96.17% and is a medium volatility slot. Spec-wise, this is the perfect game for rollers of any bankroll and provides hours of fun via multiple bonus rounds.

Weekend in Vegas – Online Slot Games

Featuring three unforgettable characters on their trip to the Capital of Second Chances, Weekend is a game that utilizes the 243 ways to win format. You can wager on its five reels starting at two-cents, and you can move up to $125. If you do so, you could win a total jackpot of 1,210,500 credits. If you don’t, you will still be able to enjoy loads of free spins, wild substitutions, and a Vegas Strip Bonus.

To Sum Up – Online Slot Games

Know that you cannot win much at cheap slots online. Developers program these games to payout massive prizes only when you bet the max amount. You get as much as you put in. That said, if you are playing on a budget or for fun, your goal should be to win enough money to finance your next gaming adventure. You can achieve this by playing multiple paylines on medium to low volatility penny slots. However, watch your allotted funds, and do not go over them.

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