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Gamblers are a fascinating bunch. Strategies Used in Gambling The rituals experienced gamblers swear by can seem absurd to other gamblers. But what if they work? Are you curious? Luckily for you, no matter how crazy a strategy may seem, you’re protected from judging eyes if you play online casino games. Check out some of the oddest gambling strategies. Plus, we’ll give you our verdict on whether or not they’re worth a try.

From bizarre to supernatural, here are some bizarre playing strategies that some players swear by in land-based and online casinos. Proceed at your own risk.

Casting Gambling Spells

Gambling certainly has an air of mysticism. So it should come as no surprise that some gamblers cast spells and summon gods of luck to ensure their success in casinos. Some bettors summon gambling gods such as Lady Luck and the goddess of abundance. Make of this what you want, but it’s no easy feat: they use mantras and even homemade potions with ingredients like chamomile or a vulture head.

Chanting spells isn’t just for witches. Popular gambling spells include the Wiccan photo spell, which requires a photo, candles and amber stones. And even though this might seem like a scene from a horror movie, some gamblers believe it’s the secret to their success.

The verdict

If rituals and mantras give you confidence as a gambler, more power to you. However, putting all your trust in magic without reason and logic can lead to irresponsible gambling. No matter what spells you cast, put your budget first.

Leaving The Table Before Your Results Come Out

Have you ever covered your eyes in fear while waiting for big results? What if this isn’t just a reflex but also one of the gambling strategies that work? When gambling online, some players believe it’s good luck to leave the table before their results pop up. Maybe it’s bad luck to watch your screen. Maybe your anticipation affects the results. We don’t know the logic behind this belief, but much like 7BitCasino crossing your fingers, some players simply do it for good measure.

The verdict

Most online games use a random number generator (RNG) to determine your results and they won’t be affected by anything you do. Games like online poker require concentration. So leaving the table could hamper your strategy instead of aiding it. This might be a fun ritual, but it’s definitely not on the list of most successful gambling strategies.

Using one Betting System As Your Bible – Strategies Used in Gambling

If there truly were one sure-fire betting system that worked every time, the vast majority of casinos would be out of business by now. Most betting systems gradually increase bets after every loss until a player wins. Many professional gamblers swear by betting systems and advise their fans to use them to ensure they win in the long run and recoup losses.

The verdict

Even the most effective playing strategy is worthless if you don’t understand how casino games work. In most online games, your chances of winning don’t increase when you win or lose – they remain the same and are independent of each other. A system that increases your wager continuously after every loss is bound to put a dent in your bankroll. Smart bankroll management requires thought and intention, not a formula. It’s okay to doubt betting systems, even if they come from a pro.

The Strangest Strategies Used in Gambling

Only Placing Maximum Bets on Slots – Strategies Used in Gambling

Online slots are always changing. From better graphics and more immersive themes to more bonus features and extras. One thing that’s also changed is the number of paylines and betting ranges in slots. Today you can choose how many paylines you want active in a game and how much you want to bet.

Most bettors don’t like using one pay line at a time. Instead, their strategy is to bet on as many paylines as possible, with a maximum bet to get the highest return to player (RTP). This slot strategy is usually recommended for jackpot slots.

The verdict – Strategies Used in Gambling

RTPs are not fixed but usually fluctuate depending on how you approach a game. If you play the smallest number of lines, the RTP drops and you have fewer chances of winning. This gambling strategy can be a smart one – if you use it wisely. Some slot jackpots can only be won with a maximum wager. Plus, more paylines increase your chances of entering bonus rounds that can unlock free spins, bonus symbols and multipliers. These features are your gateway to the maximum prize.

We agree that for a higher RTP and a chance at a jackpot prize, you can increase your bet and activate more paylines. Remember, betting higher and using more paylines doesn’t mean disregarding your budget.

Always betting on the home team – Strategies Used in Gambling

Not all strange strategies are complex. There is a common belief among sports bettors that it is wise to always bet on the home team, especially if they’re the underdog. Betting on a home team favorite means you have to bet much more to win a reasonable amount. Then again, an underdog bet has a higher payout than your wager.

But it’s not just about payouts. The home team advantage that these bettors are counting on is no myth. In the NHL, around 59% of games are won by home teams, with 57.6% in American football and 54.1% in Major League Baseball.

The verdict

There is certainly an advantage to betting on a home team. Still, we don’t think it’s wise to always bet on a home team underdog without doing your research. Even with statistics in your favor, you may lose much more in the long run than you gain. Learn about your teams, research sports betting odds and enjoy the game. Besides, if your bets are all automatic, you’ve taken all the fun out of sports betting.

Using extrasensory perception – Strategies Used in Gambling

Sometimes, what you need to succeed is already within you. Extrasensory perception (ESP) falls in this category. In a nutshell, ESP is at work when you use your mind to see and access unseen objects or events. So in a game of poker or blackjack, this type of remote psychic viewing could let you see your opponent’s cards and any hole cards on the table.

As crazy as it may seem, at one point, this phenomenon showed so much potential that it inspired a government-run research program that lasted 17 years. Although the program was unsuccessful, many people – including participating researchers – claimed to have successfully used ESP skills.


The verdict

If remote viewing is a real skill you can learn, it could take years to master it. Your time would be better spent learning tried and tested gambling strategies that rely on more than your psychic abilities.

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